Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to spot a Lazy Blogger in the Internet.

Yeah it's been a while like half of a year since my last post (like someone's really reading my blog :D). Hopefully I will get inspired and add more post here. I was very busy building websites, the truth is I don't really have a talent writing articles or something than involves writing. Right now, I just keep on typing what's on my mind and post actually doesn't have any point.

Hmmm.. I've read amazing blogs and I envy those person who has a gift in writing. When I was in grade school, I always loved to write it's like English is my favorite subject and the rest is just a pain in the ass. Whenever my teacher asked us to write something, I always get excited and later show off what I've write.

The main idea about this post i just actually warming up my mind and making my brain cells work properly. I am lazy as hell, if I think about writing I always get pumped up but when I put my hands on the keyboard the excitement goes away. I don't know why. I'd look for tips, tutorials and forum post to see if it can help me. I did found some and it was great but I guess the problem is really self. I can't discipline it. I'm the worst.

Do you always get Distracted my some other things like Facebook and Youtube? I bet every has this problem right? No? I got you, I understand if you wont admit it. Every time I open my computer and open my browsers I always ended up opening my Facebook account. Ugh! It's like I have this curse and get distracted by social media. I got to admit it, it's very entertaining.

If someone reads this then thank you for finding you way in to my blog. Hope you have the same experience that I have and conquered it. If you want you can put your comments and tell me your story on how you overcome it.

Btw, I am also bad in grammar construction :D. Thanks!

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