Thursday, October 21, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Do I have one?

Women in different countries all over the world suffers from this cancer every year. There are 519,000 of deaths in 2004 and still increasing every day. Having diagnostic examination can have a better chance beating the disease if you are over 40 years old.

Testing methods to find the cancer include clinical breast examination, mammography, and other imaging equipments. Screening may find cancers early, when they are easy to treat.

Breast cancer has different symptoms, from lumps to swelling to skin changes. Many breast cancer patients doesn't have a symptoms at all. Sometimes it may result to infections like cyst.

When a symptom appears then it must be taken seriously by the doctors and the patients because it may be too late if not treated at an early stage of the cancer.

Information on specific breast conditions and changes, including how these changes are detected, diagnosed and treated. Explains that while most breast changes are not cancer, all breast changes need to be checked by a doctor. Helps women understand the next steps after an abnormal mammogram result, and includes a list of questions to help women talk with their doctor about these issues.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why am I getting FAT?

Are you always asking that to yourself or to other people? You kept on asking questions that is so easy yet it is very hard to answer on your own. Study shows that most people will do everything what people says to them than their self.

If you are getting fattier everyday or gain weight then you got a huge problem. You don't have discipline and just crave for foods every time you think about it. Don't get me wrong, I love eating delicious foods and it's amazing! But too much will get you to nowhere but getting lots of health problems specially heart diseases. This will will ruin your social life and will just drain your money if you'll have to see a doctor every time.

Do I have to go to the gym to stay fit? Actually the answer is NO. Me myself do workout everyday and I do it in my room or just outside the house. My common workouts are jogging in place, sit ups, push ups and I even do boxing just for a hobby. I do my routine everyday and at least an hour working out. I always break a lot of sweat and it feels great after I do it. I work in an office on a graveyard shift still I feel refresh.

You can stay fit if you want it to and still eat some foods you wanted. All you need is to discipline yourself. There is no good exercise if you still eat with your hearts content.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to NOT make money online?

Almost everyday I always think about money and how can I have more. I even fantasize about it like snapping my fingers and in an instant a load of cash popped out. I'm crazy about money, it does makes the world go round. Seriously! I heard some people says that love is the most important, we'll to me it isn't.

How do I make money online? I'll tell you, it's pretty hard. It really requires a lot of skills. I have read lots of articles that says you can make millions of dollars just for one month. Well, that's bullshit. If that's true then I could already be a millionaire. Pretty sweet.

As I have read those crappy things I thought I should try it as well but everything as you expected doesn't really happens. In fact, I just wasted a lot of time. I asked myself, where did I go wrong? I know some people did made a lot of money but why can't I? Like what some people use to say -- Never give up! I kept working hard as I can and somehow I made it. I made some money but not six figures.

Here are some ways I found out how to make money online. There are a lot of ways actually. You'll need to be good at it. Like training yourself to be expert.

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Article writing
  3. Link Building
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Blog Posting

I learned that information is the key to every success. I made friends people online and on real life. I always asked questions about how will I make it better. Some of them are stubborn and some of them just giving you some clues and even some of them lead you to a wrong direction.

Always asked questions, learn how to research and learn from people's mistake.


How to spot a Lazy Blogger in the Internet.

Yeah it's been a while like half of a year since my last post (like someone's really reading my blog :D). Hopefully I will get inspired and add more post here. I was very busy building websites, the truth is I don't really have a talent writing articles or something than involves writing. Right now, I just keep on typing what's on my mind and post actually doesn't have any point.

Hmmm.. I've read amazing blogs and I envy those person who has a gift in writing. When I was in grade school, I always loved to write it's like English is my favorite subject and the rest is just a pain in the ass. Whenever my teacher asked us to write something, I always get excited and later show off what I've write.

The main idea about this post i just actually warming up my mind and making my brain cells work properly. I am lazy as hell, if I think about writing I always get pumped up but when I put my hands on the keyboard the excitement goes away. I don't know why. I'd look for tips, tutorials and forum post to see if it can help me. I did found some and it was great but I guess the problem is really self. I can't discipline it. I'm the worst.

Do you always get Distracted my some other things like Facebook and Youtube? I bet every has this problem right? No? I got you, I understand if you wont admit it. Every time I open my computer and open my browsers I always ended up opening my Facebook account. Ugh! It's like I have this curse and get distracted by social media. I got to admit it, it's very entertaining.

If someone reads this then thank you for finding you way in to my blog. Hope you have the same experience that I have and conquered it. If you want you can put your comments and tell me your story on how you overcome it.

Btw, I am also bad in grammar construction :D. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Help Haiti Earthquake Victims

Tuesday January 12, 2010 Haiti struck by a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake at 4:53pm leaving thousands of victims.

This country already suffered poverty and political instability, with this disaster Haitians is facing another major problems. If you wanted to help, there are a lot of ways:

    These are just some of the list that can give you information how to help them.